History of Oasis

In 2002 we started a journey with God that is ongoing day by day. God spoke to us and asked us to go and feed the addicts in our town and make friends with them and show them what family looks like:- to get out into the market place and make a difference by taking God to the people of our town. That is what we did every weekend and spent many nights sitting in the rain sharing God's love with the poor in spirit and seeing many miracles taking place. Dave then volunteered with Teen Challenge, Keighley and we referred people to the rehab there.

In 2004 Teen Challenge re-located to South Wales and God released us to go there for a season. We were honoured to be part of God's plans and miracles and seeing lives changed every day with Jesus.God then brought us back to the North West and we had our beautiful daughter.

God then raised up a team of people that went into Burnley Wood which was a very deprived area to go and make friends of people. We would pray and God would tell us who to go and speak to and many people were touched by God's presence and healed and delivered in this time. We thought that this was what God was wanting us to do going forward but He had other plans for us moving onwards.

We went to the summit of Pendle Hill and God revealed that He wanted us to go and worship him. In our weakness we knew that we weren't 'qualified' for this position! LOL! We planted a Church with other leaders but all the time we weren't doing what God has asked us to do. We had a blessed time but this wasn't God's plans for our future. He spoke to us one day whilst out walking with the dog that we should raise up eagles and then teach them to fly and leave the nest. Little did we realise that 'Oasis Ministries UK' would be founded there and then in that one word from God.

We worshipped on the side of Pendle Hill in a Christian Centre with maybe 2 or 3 people for over a year:- meeting to worship and letting Him decide what He wanted to minister to us through music, prayer and word. We never advertised the meetings but found that God added to our numbers each week and people were being radically changed in His Glory.

That leads us to where we are now in the journey. We meet in 2 centres now - 1 at the bottom of Pendle Hill and one in Nelson amongst the Muslim community. God has brought us people hungry for intimacy with Jesus and we meet and worship and wait for His voice and direction for our lives and for the area we are in and further on into the nations.

We Desire Partnership and Relationship

To be intimate with Jesus and the Father letting Holy Spirit guide us is our heart to set the captives free and to serve others. To live in freedom. We are very honoured to have amazing men and women of God partnering with us and helping us forward as the ministry is growing. Thank you for your input . We desire to partner with local churches and ministries in equipping the Body of Christ. We are honouring of relationships and network with others to see the Kingdom of God come.

We are looking forward to seeing God move in our area and beyond in this next season and live completely abandoned to Him and His Glory. Amen

Our Friends   

Reverend Liz Wright - Senior Leader of Guildford Prayer  School.                   

Wes Wright - Kingdom Renegades, Cheltenham

David & Jacqueline Powell - Freedom International


Steve & Chris Hepden - Elim Pastor, Lancaster