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Overcoming the Spirit of Resistance

Learn how the Spirit of Resistance has been delaying your destiny and how to overcome by receiving the scroll. Receive the scroll by faith with us and then do the activation and start believing for your dreams and destiny to unfold now.

Entering Through The Door

This was recorded live from February, 2017. In the worship there is an anointing to lift off depression and the things that hold us back. Carol shares on a heavenly encounter that is available to all of us now for this next season. Listen about the gate that has just been opened to meet Father God as the flame.

Glory Alight 21st January, 2017

This was recorded live in January and includes worship, and words about the times and the seasons that we have entered into in 2017. The worship is a little distorted in places but God wanted it kept on there because of the anointing to break yokes off people. At 20 minutes a break through anointing comes in the form of an angel and it is tangible and will set you free. The words about the season we are in come after that if you would like to skip the distortion!

Learn how to engage your Spirit over your flesh and how to live a victorious life bringing the supernatural realm into the natural to materialise: operating as a son and daughter of God.

Carol Clarkson - Oasis August 2015

Part 1 of a teaching on what is the Ecclesia and why we should be part of one and what our function is. Solid practical teaching from Carol Clarkson of Oasis to help us move into our destiny.

Summer 2016

Practical steps on how to access the court of heaven with Scripture and testimony. Learn how to enter the courts and be effective. Carol takes you through the process, by faith.

Summer 2016

Great practical teaching from experience of how to access the Spirit realm and learn to see and be effective in it. Find out why you are a gatekeeper and how to remove obstacles. Fantastic testimony to help you get there yourself from Carol Clarkson of Oasis Ministries UK    From November 2015

Listen as Ron Jones takes us on an incredible journey through Jesus' life where he went into the heavenlies. Learn how our DNA is important and how we are meant to operate in our calling. At the end is a question and answer on beyond the veil.  This will change you..... August 2015

This was the second part of the Ecclesia teaching by Steve McKie from Scotland Ablaze from August 2015. Listen as Steve teaches on what is to come and testimony of how engaging the courts of heaven changed the history of Scotland forever.

Listen as Steve McKie ministers into the glory that was falling in this meeting. He speaks of the Ancient Flame and what it means to be in holy union with Jesus as the Ecclesia is rising up now on the earth.

Receive impartation from this recording to live in the flame. This will radically change you.

This is the Christmas message from Oasis Ministries UK. Listen as Carol takes us through the true meaning of Jesus, The Prince of Peace to discover the fullness available to all in Him. This is a revelation and will help us walk in Him and understand God's Kingdom more and more.

This was a session on learning how not to let circumstance rule our lives but to practice empowering our spirit over our body to live a life of overcoming and victory in every area of our lives. There are keys on how to do this, by living in Jesus and how to live from the Spirit realm to earth.

Summer 2015 Carol - Oasis Ministries

You are called and you are chosen by Him.

Listen as Dave Buckle from Oasis shares revelation on what we are doing with the words that we have been given and shares on the life of David to give us keys to overcome.

This was from Spring of 2015.

The Ekklesia - Function and Facts

Learn more about what the Ekklesia is and how it compares to the Church that we know today. Listen as Carol from Oasis shares the facts from history right back to Constantine to our day today and find out what is on Father's heart for our generation.

May 2015

Gemma shares from a personal encounter with Moses how to enter the rest of God. This is a journey from encounter to understanding and will touch you and change you.

"My face shall go before you (Moses) and I will give you rest."

Carol shares on how to engage with the Angelic Realm and through personal encounter, reveals what the angels functions are and how they help in the Kingdom of God. From April 2015

This is a word released in 2015 from Oasis Ministries UK.

Learn how to let your Spirit rule over your soul to have complete alignment with heaven's plans for your life. Get practical help on how to discern and move in the spirit realm.

Listen as Julie from the Bridal Company shares from an encounter with the Proverbs 31 wife the wisdom of heaven.

Julie gives strategic keys for overcoming the Queen of Heaven and the masonic in our lives through her personal walk and revelation received from God.

This is life changing! (2014)

Ron Jones shares briefly on a revelation received after Gary had spoken on communion. Amazing wisdom is released on communion and how we open the scroll of destiny beyond the veil.

Gemma Smith from Oasis shares from personal experience and revelation on going beyond the God we know and encountering Him personally behind the veil on a journey into identity. This message will encourage and inspire you to know Him more and understand how to do that.

Carol Clarkson from Oasis shares personal revelation on Satan's agenda with the first born and how he uses blood covenants to come against God's Kingdom.

Learn how to break these blood curses off our families and the land to walk in true freedom and victory.

Get communion ready to take with us at the end. This teaching will change your life and testimonies came in only 2 weeks afterwards of radical breakthroughs

in many areas that people were struggling with for months and years.

Gary Beaton from Transformation Glory shares on:-

'Love, Joy, Unity and the

Transformation Glory of God'

'The United Kingdom -                  'Communion - The Doorway to Power'

Power & Transformation (Sept 14                       (Sept 14)

Liz Wright (

Liz shares on 'Submission' and provides amazing

insight through encounter of how to submit

and what it means to live in Christ.


"Entering into the Fullness of our Inheritance"

Religious Spirit  Liz shares through encounters with Jesus and reveals where the Church is in our day and how to be free from this Spirit.

Julie Brown from the Bridal Company shares testimony and personal experience of encountering Jesus face to face and a totally supernatural journey. (Nov 2013)

Liz shares testimony and encounters with Jesus to enable the Bride of Christ to receive practical help and guidance through these encounters to understand more of heaven.

Message for England from Stephen Mckie from Scotland Ablaze in June 2013.Listen as he speaks on the times we are in and what we can do to partner with heaven. Learn about the 7 Spirits of God. Are we ready?

Abbey from Scotland Ablaze shares on heaven and angels. There is 10 minutes worship prior to Abbey speaking where we engaged with the angelic realm.

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